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We know this a stressful time. Things are uncertain for you. Divorce is complicated. Hiring the right lawyer is the first step in dealing with issues that are crucial, such as custody of your children, child support, valuation and division of your assets and alimony. Our experienced divorce lawyers take that responsibility seriously and welcome the opportunity to assist you. We’re here to provide answers to all of your key questions and help you move forward with dignity and respect.

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Our award-winning Minnesota divorce lawyers have represented thousands of clients since 1998. Peer-recognized for excellence in practice, we use common sense, and attempt to cost-effectively resolve disputes. When the need arises, however, we are prepared to litigate, and take matters to trial. Our divorce attorneys handle cases statewide.

We have represented a variety of individuals over the last 20 years, including teachers, doctors, homemakers, executives, business owners, construction workers, truck drivers, accountants, engineers, professors and mortgage brokers. All of our clients, no matter their background, are important to us.

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The Brown Law Offices, P.A. is northwest Twin Cities family law firm. Our divorce lawyers have appeared in courtrooms throughout the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro and beyond.

We routinely handle cases involving issues such as custody, child supportharassment, stepparent adoption and prenuptial agreements.

The success of our practice stems from the level of service we offer to our clients. Our lawyers and support staff are here to help you and fight for you – without judgment or lectures. We will take the time to get to know you, in an effort to understand your circumstances from top to bottom.

We also appreciate that you want a good result without breaking the bank. Our lawyers will promptly return your calls and work hard to resolve your case in a timely manner. While the vast majority of the matters we handle are resolved outside of the courtroom, our lawyers are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.

We’ve handled thousands of cases over the last 23 years.

The firm is conveniently located in Champlin, along Highway 169, near the 610 intersection – minutes from Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Anoka, Andover, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Otsego, Rogers and Elk River. Given our location, most of our cases are venued in Hennepin, Anoka, Sherburne and Wright County.

Jason C. Brown has represented a wide variety of family law clients over the last 20 years, including teachers, homemakers, union construction workers, doctors, truck drivers, accountants, business owners, engineers, lawyers, mortgage brokers and Fortune 500 executives. Many of his cases have involved complex custody disputes, alimony claims, and high net worth individuals, including several divorces in which the value of the marital estate exceeded ten million dollars. Every client, no matter their background, is important to Jason.

Jason routinely provides mediation services for family court litigants. He was a longtime board member and corporate secretary for Northgate Church in Ramsey. Early in his career, Jason served as law clerk to the Honorable Timothy R. Bloomquist, retired Chief Judge of Minnesota’s Tenth Judicial District.

Cynthia Brown is a founding partner with the Brown Law Offices, P.A. She is an honors graduate of the University of South Dakota and William Mitchell College of Law. Cynthia was admitted to practice in 1998.

After graduating from law school, Cynthia served as the law clerk to the Honorable Timothy R. Bloomquist, retired Chief Judge of Minnesota’s Tenth Judicial District. Upon completing her clerkship, Cynthia practiced with a well-known firm in Cambridge, Minnesota. She founded the Brown Law Offices, P.A. in 2003.

Cynthia has handled a wide variety of family law matters throughout Minnesota, including divorce, custody, child protective services, orders for protection and harassment restraining orders.

Success Stories

mother awarded sole physical custody despite suicide attempt

Our client was a stay-at-home mother of two young boys. Mother suffered from postpartum depression and attempted to take her own life just prior to the separation of the parties. Following her treatment and release, father refused to allow the children to return to her care. For over a year, father limited mother’s interaction with the children. Our experts opined that she did not present a danger to herself, or the children, and that the root cause of her breakdown involved being prescribed the wrong type of medication for her depression. After 18 months of contentious litigation, and a three-day trial, our client was granted sole physical custody of the children.

Wife Conceals Assets; Misdealing Uncovered

Our client owned an auto repair business. Wife worked as the business manager, but secretly opened an individual bank account and funneled more than $40,000 away from the business. She denied under oath that any such account existed. We were able to obtain an ex parte injunction that prohibited wife from the business and uncovered various acts of misdealing on her part.

$42,000 in child support arrears waived for father

Our client was the father of two teenage boys who were experiencing mistreatment by mother. As a result, they elected to stay primarily with father. Our client was under a court order to pay the mother child support, even though the boys rarely saw her. Despite that fact, mother sought to enforce the support provisions in the divorce decree. She also sought retroactive support of over $42,000. Following multiple motion hearings, our client prevailed and mother was ordered to pay father ongoing child support for the two boys. The court forgave the vast majority of our client’s arrears. Mother sought review by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Her claims were denied on appeal.

Million Dollar Alimony Award Upheld

Our client divorced husband several years before we were retained to represent her. The divorce awarded wife spousal maintenance of $7,000 per month and 25% of husband’s annual bonus income for ten years. After a few years, husband sought to amend the decree, claiming he “never expected that his bonus income would be so substantial.” We uncovered pre-dissolution evidence that presumed his bonus income would exceed that which he actually received. The court denied husband’s request to modify. The value of our client’s ongoing maintenance award exceeds $1,000,000.


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Client Testimonials

  • "Cynthia and her firm helped me through a very difficult time. They were kind, sensitive and knowledgeable, and kept me informed every step of the way. Cynthia was reassuring and either she or her staff answered my calls and emails immediately. You can’t go wrong with this law firm!"

    Iris B.
    Minneapolis, MN
  • "I was most fortunate to be able to find a group of people that you can trust to be fair, honest, affordable, and so caring through every step of the process. I have resounding acclaim in recommending Jason Brown, and his team of professionals, to anyone who needs legal representation."

    Eric R.
    Crystal, MN
  • "You and your staff were nothing but professional and showed great patience in addressing all the questions that arose. I greatly appreciated how quick you were all at in responding to my questions. I know I made the right choice in selecting your firm and I am truly thankful for all the help."

    Scott C.
    Maple Lake, MN
  • "I especially appreciated how Jason took the time to understand and listened to all of my concerns. Jason always made me feel like my case was important to him and he took the time to answer all of my questions. His thorough research and quality writing resulted in a great outcome for me."

    Karen B.
    Lino Lakes, MN
  • "I have never gone through this before, so knowing Cynthia was there made this easier. She always kept me informed, explaining the process so I would understand. The staff at her office was as kind and helpful as Cynthia was."

    Former Client
    Maple Grove, MN
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