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September 17, 2017

Life After Divorce: Who Pays for College?

Since the dawn of time (okay, not that long) parents have stressed about how to cover the costs of higher education for their children. This issue becomes even more salient in light of a divorce. Single or married parents may choose to fund a child’s college education, but divorced parents’ actions are often constrained by the conditions of a divorce decree. For divorced parents, the question becomes more than just how, but who?

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August 31, 2017

Pet Custody: Who gets the dog?

Earlier this year, a new law went into effect in Alaska requiring courts to take an animal's well-being into consideration in the event of a divorce. It also allows judges to assign joint custody of pets. A Rhode Island lawmaker introduced a similar bill in late February.

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August 30, 2017

Single Parent Adoption in Minnesota: Important Local and Online Resources

In Minnesota, even singles can adopt. If you meet the state's requirements and pass a home study, you can be the proud parent of an adopted child. Being single, however, doesn't mean you are in it alone. There are valuable resources for single parents online and in local communities all across the state. Here are a few to keep in mind...

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August 16, 2017

Adopting A Child With Serious Health Issues? 5 Things To Know Before You Accept This Big Responsibility

Adoption is a fantastic option for prospective parents looking to start a family or invite another child into their existing family. Unfortunately, the adoption process can be both lengthy and expensive, particularly if the adopted child has significant physical or mental health problems. Providing the best possible medical care for your adopted child is crucial. These five tips will help you deal with this huge responsibility:

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August 9, 2017

How is an Annulment Different from a Divorce in Minnesota?

Annulment and divorce are not the same thing.  Minnesota, like many other states, is a no-fault divorce state, meaning either party to a marriage may file for a divorce at any time for any reason. With a divorce, if your marriage is dissolved, the law still recognizes that the marriage took place. In some cases, you could be required to pay child support or spousal maintenance to your ex for a period of time.

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August 3, 2017

'Divorce Hotels' Actually Exist: Here's What You Need to Know

If your marriage doesn't work out, don't check into Heartbreak Hotel, check into Divorce Hotel, instead. Believe it or not, this type of arrangement does exist. Boosters suggest that the process can be quite effective, unless your divorce is characterized by these complications: •    A messy financial picture•    A spouse who is hiding assets and making unfair accusations•    Disagreements concerning your children•    You and your spouse can't get along•    One or both of you have attorneys, and you're not willing to part with them

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