Child custody and parenting time arrangements vary dramatically from one couple to the next. When resolved in court, these matters largely come down to the best interests of the child. This can be frustrating for parents, who may disagree vehemently on what, exactly, constitutes a child’s best interests. In Minnesota, courts typically take the following factors into account:

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When most people picture adoption, they imagine new parents meeting and getting to know kids for the first time. In reality, however, many adults are strongly bonded to the children in their lives long before they undergo the adoption process. Making such relationships official can provide a greater sense of stability while also granting a variety of legal rights and responsibilities.

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Grandparents may be valued members of Minnesota families, but many are surprised to discover their rights restricted when the parents of their grandchildren divorce, separate, or pass away. Visitation is by no means guaranteed, but Minnesota grandparents can petition local courts for the right to spend time with their grandchildren. When determining custody and visitation rights, Minnesota courts emphasize children’s best interests. Courts will not award visitation if time spent with grandparents is deemed potentially harmful for children already suffering the fallout of divorce. When visitation is clearly in the child’s best interests, however, such arrangements are well within reach.

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Parenting time and custody may seem like natural areas of contention, but sometimes, the nastiest divorces spiral out of control due to disagreements regarding property division. This ordeal can be frustrating even when spouses part on amicable terms. In the interest of clarity, we’ve highlighted a few of the specific aspects of property division worth considering as a Minnesota resident in the midst of divorce:

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It’s only natural to feel panicked or anxious after being charged with a crime. In the midst of such stress, it’s important to keep a clear head and move forward in a proactive, but cautious manner. This all begins with getting out of jail. Once you’ve emerged from this stressful environment, you can shift your focus to your criminal case. Read on to learn more about the process of making bail and getting out of jail in Minnesota.

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Gossip is part and parcel of belong to a social network. Whether online or in person, we love to chat about one another. When difficult personal circumstances are involved, however, seemingly meaningless gossip can quickly escalate, to the point of causing real harm. This is especially true when divorce is involved — particularly when those who spread gossip choose sides. Gossip may not be entirely avoidable, but how you respond can determine the extent of the ensuing damage. Below, we offer helpful tips for dealing with unwanted gossip:

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Conflict is inevitable during divorce, but some disputes tend to be more emotionally charged than others. Custody issues, in particular, tend to raise tempers, with otherwise agreeable parents bickering about where their children will spend the majority of their time. These disputes can vary considerably from one family to the next, but a few patterns tend to hold strong:

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Parenting time and child support are understandably chief areas of concern for divorcing parents. Few, however, consider in advance the prospect of caring for their children while they’re actually in the midst of the divorce process. Between court appearances, mediation sessions, and other obligations, finding sufficient childcare may seem all but impossible. These suggestions may help:

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According to the Department of Human Resources, Minnesota’s many counties and tribes receive over 18,000 reports of abuse and neglect every year. Multiple processes are available for handling these reports and resolving the complications that underlie them. Most cases are settled through Minnesota’s Family Assessment Response, but a small subset warrants a full-on investigation, as we explain below:

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Foster parenting is a worthwhile endeavor in any state, but this rewarding experience is especially worth pursuing in Minnesota, where it is strongly encouraged through financial and social support. It’s a popular option among those who yearn to care for children but cannot afford or are otherwise unwilling to go through with the adoption process. It’s critical, however, that prospective foster parents know exactly what they’re getting into — which is why we’ve highlighted the basics of foster parenting in Minnesota below:

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