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May 29, 2015

Tips For Keeping Divorce Costs Low

There is no set template for a divorce. Depending on any number of situations, a divorce can be resolved quickly and peacefully with a low financial cost to both spouses - or can be tied up in litigation for months, and cost thousands of dollars. COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH DIVORCE Lots of factors play a role in how expensive, and how long, a divorce proceeding will take. If a couple has children, custody instantly becomes a major factor in the case. If one spouse has a high-earning job, while the other spouse has none, this can create spousal …

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Brown Law Office
September 14, 2013

Attorney Fee Awards in Minnesota Divorce Court

Attorney fee awards are relatively uncommon in Minnesota family court. There are just two bases upon which a family court litigant may make a claim for fees and costs: Need-Based: Awarded if a party cannot afford fees and costs, but the other party can afford to assist. Bad-Faith: Awarded if a party engages in conduct designed solely to harass the other, delay the proceeding or drive up the fees and costs of the other party without sufficient justification. If you have a question concerning attorney fee awards, our lawyers are here to help. …

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