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November 20, 2014

Overview of Reunification Therapy Among Parents and Children

Every family has their disagreements. Unfortunately, some parents take things to the extreme, and deny parenting time to the other. When that happens, reunification therapy may be the best option to rekindle the lost relationship between a parent and child. If you are involved in a challenging situation with another parent, we are here to help. Quite often, in these situations, the underlying conflict among parents will turn into alienation of one parent. That parent becomes estranged (e.g., absent) from the child’s life, while the other assumes the …

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Brown Law Office
October 12, 2013

Minnesota Harassment Elements and Concepts

Harassment in Minnesota is defined by statute and a specific process is in place to obtain a Harassment Restraining Order. Here are some key elements: Harassment: Single incident of assault, or repeated, unwanted acts designed to invade the rights, safety and privacy of another and that have a substantial adverse effect on the intended recipient. Process: Alleged victim submits papers to judge, outlining what happened. If court believes act of harassment occurred, Harassment Restraining Order is issued. Alleged aggressor may dispute issuance of …

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