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September 30, 2016

Postnuptial Agreements Can Strengthen Marriages

Many people believe that the day of their marriage marks a point where love and commitment are at their strongest levels. In fact, the relationship grows on a daily basis as they work together to resolve the unexpected personal issues that continue to arise. They support each other through illnesses, employment issues and even natural disasters, yet they become uncomfortable when the topic turns to money or possessions.

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Brown Law Office
March 1, 2016

Prenuptial Agreements Can Have Particular Value for Second Marriages

When couples negotiate prenuptial agreements, they have the opportunity to take a practical look at many issues that will be the foundation for their marriages. This is why each Minneapolis prenuptial agreement lawyer at our firm often recommends the process of creating a legal contract prior to marriage as an important first step toward developing a lasting relationship.

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Brown Law Office
August 20, 2015

Minnesota Prenuptial Agreements: A Summary of Key Issues to Consider

Prenuptial agreements allow the parties to a forthcoming marriage to "re-write" the laws of marital dissolution, so long as the prenup is executed in a procedurally fair way, and is substantively fair at the time of enforcement. But what is really involved in crafting a prenuptial agreement? This post addresses the wide-ranging issues you'll encounter.

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Brown Law Office
August 1, 2013

Prenuptial Agreements in Minnesota : Elements to Understand

Prenuptial agreements in Minnesota allow engaged couples to prepare for the worst, whether marriage ends by death, or divorce. Here are some key things to understand: Purpose: Determine rights and obligations of parties should a marriage end because of death or divorce. Contact: The law of contracts applies to prenuptial agreements Enforcement: Valid prenuptial agreement must have been executed in a procedurally fair manner, and must be substantively fair in its terms. Statutory Requirements: In addition to fairness requirements, prenuptial …

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