Divorced and separated couples find parenting time difficult enough to navigate in the best of circumstances, but the holidays add yet another hurdle to overcome. Even those who are typically in agreement regarding scheduling matters may struggle to see eye-to-eye when the holidays arrive. After all, no holiday celebration feels quite complete without the entire family. With a little effort, a reasonably satisfying outcome can be reached to allow both sides to enjoy quality time with their children. Keep reading to learn how:

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It’s only natural to feel panicked or anxious after being charged with a crime. In the midst of such stress, it’s important to keep a clear head and move forward in a proactive, but cautious manner. This all begins with getting out of jail. Once you’ve emerged from this stressful environment, you can shift your focus to your criminal case. Read on to learn more about the process of making bail and getting out of jail in Minnesota.

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If you have a case pending in a Minnesota state court, you may wonder how you can access case information? Do you need to go to the courthouse and make a request in person? The answer is yes and no. While some sensitive case information may only be available through public access terminals located at each Minnesota state courthouse, you can also access a great deal of case information online. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of cases and information available and the cost for accessing case information.

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Gossip is part and parcel of belong to a social network. Whether online or in person, we love to chat about one another. When difficult personal circumstances are involved, however, seemingly meaningless gossip can quickly escalate, to the point of causing real harm. This is especially true when divorce is involved — particularly when those who spread gossip choose sides. Gossip may not be entirely avoidable, but how you respond can determine the extent of the ensuing damage. Below, we offer helpful tips for dealing with unwanted gossip:

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Conflict is inevitable during divorce, but some disputes tend to be more emotionally charged than others. Custody issues, in particular, tend to raise tempers, with otherwise agreeable parents bickering about where their children will spend the majority of their time. These disputes can vary considerably from one family to the next, but a few patterns tend to hold strong:

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After the turmoil of divorce, you’re ready for a fresh start — and a new definition of family. Depending on your financial situation and your current home life, adoption could be a viable means of accomplishing both goals. This path is not without risk, however. Given the weight of this decision, it is absolutely imperative that you examine your options in detail. Read on for insight into the challenges you might face if you adopt a child after divorce:

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Parenting time and child support are understandably chief areas of concern for divorcing parents. Few, however, consider in advance the prospect of caring for their children while they’re actually in the midst of the divorce process. Between court appearances, mediation sessions, and other obligations, finding sufficient childcare may seem all but impossible. These suggestions may help:

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Minnesota’s judicial system handles a vast family caseload involving everything from custody and parenting time to financial concerns. In an effort to expedite the resolution process, the state maintains an option known as early neutral evaluation. Designed in hopes of facilitating a mutually beneficial outcome, ENE may allow involved parties to avoid the most time-consuming and stressful elements of the divorce process.

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According to the Department of Human Resources, Minnesota’s many counties and tribes receive over 18,000 reports of abuse and neglect every year. Multiple processes are available for handling these reports and resolving the complications that underlie them. Most cases are settled through Minnesota’s Family Assessment Response, but a small subset warrants a full-on investigation, as we explain below:

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