For families, the ideal divorce outcome includes happy children who maintain strong relationships with both parents. In turn, parents will hopefully enjoy an amicable relationship. All too often, however, divorce devolves into a power struggle, as evidenced by the increasingly prevalent issue of parental alienation.  

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During most custody proceedings, Minnesota courts presume that it is in the child’s best interest to maintain strong relationships with both parents — and for custody to be awarded to one or both biological parents. In select cases, however, third-party custody may prove preferable. Read on to learn more about the specific circumstances in which an alternate approach to custody may be approved:

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Divorce is never easy, but children complicate matters. When kids are involved, dissolution becomes more than a financial arrangement; divorcing parents must also consider such emotional issues as custody and visitation. These matters are not always permanently resolved through divorce; former spouses may continue to argue about parenting time and other contentious matters. In Minnesota, parenting consultants offer a valuable opportunity to resolve such issues without returning to court.

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Custody cases are complicated enough as is; now imagine adding an international element to the equation. Money can ultimately be divided, but children can’t, especially when their parents live tens of thousands of miles apart. Be prepared to deal with the following custody issues if your ex is a foreign national:

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Divorce is traumatic enough for kids as is, but many suffer a double whammy: an abrupt move to accompany their parents’ new relationship status. It’s a lot for a vulnerable child to handle, especially if moving means switching schools. Follow these steps to ease the burden:
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Divorce brings big changes, such as new jobs and relationships that lead you to want to relocate to another state. Before packing your bags, address these issues to protect yourself legally, financially, and physically.  

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