Whether you’ve happily moved on from your ex or regret your divorce, you’re likely to feel at least a tinge of jealousy as your former spouse hits the dating market. That jealousy will only increase if your ex enters into a serious relationship. These suggestions will help you move forward:

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A decree has been issued and the divorce drama is finally over — or is it? Sometimes, legal issues continue long after the perceived conclusion of a divorce. Unfortunately, many people let down their guard at this point, leading to major problems down the road. Read on to learn how you can avoid the most common post-judgment mistakes.

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From alimony to adoption, your family lawyer plays a key role in your life and the lives of your loved ones. With such high stakes, you obviously don’t want to leave these sensitive legal concerns to just anybody. Why, then, do so many clients take attorney selection so lightly? Minnesota may be home to several excellent attorneys, but not every legal representative will prove an ideal match. The more thoroughly you vet your future lawyer, the better. Keep these essential tips in mind as you choose the best possible representative to handle your case:

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Could an at-home DNA test be all it takes to connect you to your heritage? Or could it prompt unforeseen consequences — perhaps shaking the foundation on which your family is built? Both outcomes are possible. In Part 1 of our series on direct-to-consumer genetic testing, we explored a few of the unexpected implications these tests can have for couples and families. Now, we share additional stories of difficult circumstances brought about by DNA test results:  

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At one time, DNA testing kits seemed like little more than a science fiction concept. Today, however, these tests are not just available — they’re easily accessible. Fueled, in part, by BOGO deals and other discounts, these tests are blowing up. As of late 2017, over 12 million people admitted to using these direct-to-consumer tests. Ancestry.com announced that over 1.5 million customers sought tests during the 2017 Black Friday weekend alone.

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For families, the ideal divorce outcome includes happy children who maintain strong relationships with both parents. In turn, parents will hopefully enjoy an amicable relationship. All too often, however, divorce devolves into a power struggle, as evidenced by the increasingly prevalent issue of parental alienation.  

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You recently took your case to the Minnesota Court of Appeals and, against all odds, emerged victorious. Problem is, what initially seemed like a success may no longer feel desirable. Chances are, your case was remanded back to the same judge who, in your opinion, messed up in the first place. Talk about frustrating! While it may seem that there is no rhyme or reason to this arrangement, there may be some wisdom in presenting the same case before the same judge on two different occasions — as we clarify below:

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Amicable divorces may be the holy grail of dissolution, but often, couples bicker as much in divorce as they did while married. While some level of compromise should always be expected, you shouldn’t be the only one making concessions. Follow these suggestions to increase the likelihood of changing your stubborn ex’s mind:

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Court costs and attorney fees are a natural concern when pursuing divorce via litigation. Financial fears sometimes push couples into making unacceptable compromises in mediation. Thankfully, there’s another way. Section 518.14 of the Minnesota Statutes provides the basis for recovering need-based attorney fees, as we explain below:  

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Whether you’re looking to divorce, adopt, or pursue a protective order, you need assistance from a family law firm. Not just any practice will do; thorough vetting can help you choose a law firm suited to your unique needs as a client. Keep an eye out for these top qualities as you vet prospective Minnesota family law firms:  

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