Child custody and parenting time arrangements vary dramatically from one couple to the next. When resolved in court, these matters largely come down to the best interests of the child. This can be frustrating for parents, who may disagree vehemently on what, exactly, constitutes a child’s best interests. In Minnesota, courts typically take the following factors into account:

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Divorced and separated couples find parenting time difficult enough to navigate in the best of circumstances, but the holidays add yet another hurdle to overcome. Even those who are typically in agreement regarding scheduling matters may struggle to see eye-to-eye when the holidays arrive. After all, no holiday celebration feels quite complete without the entire family. With a little effort, a reasonably satisfying outcome can be reached to allow both sides to enjoy quality time with their children. Keep reading to learn how:

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If you have a case pending in a Minnesota state court, you may wonder how you can access case information? Do you need to go to the courthouse and make a request in person? The answer is yes and no. While some sensitive case information may only be available through public access terminals located at each Minnesota state courthouse, you can also access a great deal of case information online. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of cases and information available and the cost for accessing case information.

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Your daily activities as parent help to shape your kids’ self-esteem, whether you’re aware of it or not. Unfortunately, their self-esteem may plummet in the midst of divorce — especially if you suffer a messy split. Read on for further insight into divorce and self-esteem.
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Co-parenting can be a serious headache, even if you enjoy an amicable relationship with your ex. Coordinating school papers, medical appointments, and kid-related obligations—on top of your own career and logistical needs—requires ace organizational skills. But what if you struggle on this front? Thankfully, technology can save the day. Ease your burden with one or more of these household apps:

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Holiday plans add another layer of complexity to already frustrating visitation negotiations, especially following initial separation. There’s no better way to destroy the holiday spirit than with endless bickering over visitation arrangements. These guidelines will help you and your ex achieve a mutually beneficial visitation plan:  

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After you’ve reached a custody agreement, it is crucial that you make the most of what time you have with your children.  These tips will help you make room on your calendar for your kids — and maximize the time you spend together.

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