If you have a case pending in a Minnesota state court, you may wonder how you can access case information? Do you need to go to the courthouse and make a request in person? The answer is yes and no. While some sensitive case information may only be available through public access terminals located at each Minnesota state courthouse, you can also access a great deal of case information online. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of cases and information available and the cost for accessing case information.

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When paternity testing started including DNA analysis in the mid-1980s, the accuracy in identifying biological fathers rose from about 80-90 percent to an astounding 99.99 percent. In spite of this accuracy, each Minnesota family law attorney at our firm understands why some parents do not feel the need to take a scientific approach, particularly when they believe parentage is certain.

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When children are born outside of marriage, mothers must establish legal paternity to pursue child support, and fathers need to do the same to pursue their legal rights to their children. As a general rule, however, the Minnesota Courts presume paternity when a man is married to the biological mother at the time of a child’s birth, as well as under other specific circumstances.

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Minnesota law automatically assumes that children born out of marriage are the husband’s biological children with full paternal rights. Outside of marriage, when both parents agree to a man’s biological paternity, they can avoid the need for genetic testing by signing a Minnesota Voluntary Recognition of Parentage Form. While this process affords fathers with certain rights, when it comes to child custody and other parenting rights, they may need to seek help from experienced attorneys.

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Most of the time, life within a family is a positive, united experience. Still, as with many aspects of life, some or all family members need to undergo some type of legal process at one point or another. This does not mean that every situation requires a team of Minneapolis family lawyers. There are definitely times when one skilled lawyer can help get a process completed efficiently.

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Paternity cases involve a situation in which the parents of a child are unmarried, yet the father of the child seeks to establish certain rights, including physical custody, legal custody and parenting time. The gateway to such a claim, however, involves the establishment of paternity in and of itself. In Minnesota, there are just two ways to establish paternity: (1) the execution of a Recognition of Parentage; and (2) a judicial determination (court order) of a parent-child relationship. A “parent-child relationship” is defined as “the legal …

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A parental consultant (PC) is a figure that both parents will agree upon, who is then appointed by a judge. The PC will provide expert opinion, and assist in resolving parenting issues that arise. Another similar individual used in cases is a parenting time expeditor. These individuals are court authorities and are to be treated like a judge, which means their decisions carry the same weight as a court order. They only make decisions related to parenting time. Unlike parenting time expeditors, parenting consultants are allowed to resolve any parenting …

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Paternity in Minnesota involves key five issues: Adjudication: Paternity is established through genetic testing or execution of a Recognition of Parentage. Child Custody: Same standards as a dissolution action. Parenting Time: Same standards as a dissolution action. Child Support: Same standards as a dissolution action. Reimbursement: Mother may seek reimbursement for pregnancy and birthing expenses. Court may also order payment of attorney’s fees and costs. If you have a question concerning paternity, our lawyers are here to help. …

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