Child Custody Attorneys in Anoka County

The lawyers with the Brown Law Offices, P.A., have handled countless child custody cases in Anoka County - whether in the context of a divorce, paternity, adoption or protective services situation. Our offices are located just five minutes south of the Anoka County Courthouse.

One of the most important aspects of retaining a qualified child custody attorney in Anoka County involves meeting with professionals who have significant experience in the specific county in which your case is venued. You will want to work with a lawyer who knows the judges and procedures you will encounter. Every county is unique. 

Anoka County has a bit of a reputation when it comes to custody and parenting time issues. You can depend on our experience in sizing up your situation and discussing a range of possible outcomes. We're here to help.

Anoka County Child Custody Resources

Child custody cases can be among the most complicated civil legal proceedings that commonly occur in local court systems. Deciphering all of the rules, regulations, expectations, decision-weighing factors and legal proceedings for each case can be challenging, even when you have guidance from an experienced Anoka County child custody attorney.

To demystify the process and help you feel more in control, we’ve compiled a list of community resources to provide context, information and support.

Anoka County Resources for Families with Children

Local Legal and Informational Sources for Child Custody Cases

  • Anoka County Family Law Division. Per the website: “The Family Law Division provides legal services to the Anoka County Office of Child Support when court action is necessary to: Establish paternity; Establish a child support obligation; Enforce a child support obligation; Review child support orders.” Representatives do not provide individual representation or specific legal advice, but they can often answer questions or intervene during a case on behalf of the child.
  • Minnesota Judicial Branch Child Custody Self-Help Page. This introductory guide discusses concepts, definitions and typical proceedings during a child custody case in Minnesota.
  • Guide to Creating a Co-Parenting Plan. This free guide is courtesy of the University of Minnesota Extension Office.
  • “Being a Legal Father”. This guide from the Minnesota Department of Human Services provides insights on establishing paternity in matters of child custody.

Assistance with Your Anoka County Child Custody Case

You care deeply about your children. We understand you want to protect them from harm, and ensure that your custody arrangement is fair and workable. If you have question about your rights, or obligations, under Minnesota law, please call our experienced legal team for a free consultation.


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