In Minnesota, there are a number of crimes involving bodily injury or physical harm to others. Our lawyers have represented clients throughout Minnesota in various cases involving allegations of physical harm upon another.



Assault is a crime in which an individual physically harms, threatens, or intends to harm another person. There are several different types of assault charges, all of which can lead to serious consequences. Depending on the situation, assault can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. In many cases, the type of assault charge will be based on the use of a weapon or the severity of physical harm.

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Domestic Assault

In Minnesota, a domestic assault charge is very similar to a standard assault charge. The major difference is that domestic assault occurs when the defendant and the victim have a specific relationship. Domestic assault typically involves any act involving violence, abuse, or injury to a member of the family or household.

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Felony Strangulation

Strangulation is a serious crime that often accompanies an act of assault. In many cases, strangulation is charged as a felony, and can have very strict penalties. Strangulation can be caused by the hands, or any other object that is used to prevent someone from breathing for any period of time. Strangling often occurs during a domestic dispute that has escalated.

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You can be charged with kidnapping anytime you are suspected of forcing someone to go somewhere without their consent. In the case of a minor under the age of 16, you can be charged with kidnapping if you remove the individual without the consent of the parents.

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