Kidnapping is the act of taking someone, and illegally holding them against their will. It is a very serious crime that often leads to harsh punishments. If you are facing kidnapping charges in Minnesota, you need an experienced attorney to fight for you.

Understanding Kidnapping Charges

You can be charged with kidnapping anytime you are suspected of forcing someone to go somewhere without their consent. In the case of a minor under the age of 16, you can be charged with kidnapping if you remove the individual without the consent of the parents.

In the state of Minnesota, kidnapping can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. The exact charges leveled against you will often depend on:

  • The age of the victim
  • The duration of the kidnapping
  • The presence of any threat to the victim
  • The intention of the defendant
  • The occurrence of bodily harm or injury

Depending on the circumstances, a felony kidnapping charge can lead to forty years in prison and fines of $50,000. If the victim is injured during the kidnapping, you can face the maximum penalties. In cases where the victim is released safely, the punishment can be drastically reduced.

Many kidnapping cases occur when the defendant has no intention of injuring the victim. One of the most common forms of kidnapping occurs in child custody cases where one parent will take the child without the consent of the other. This is sometimes charged as false imprisonment, a less serious form of kidnapping. A false imprisonment conviction can result in up to five years in prison and a fine of $5,000. It can also have a drastic negative impact on a child custody case.

Kidnapping Defense Lawyer

The moment you are aware of a kidnapping charge against you, it’s important to consult with an experienced defense lawyer. When a kidnapping conviction is on the line, you will be facing punishment that could affect you for the rest of your life. Your kidnapping defense lawyer will immediately work to build your case so you can get the best possible outcome.

Regardless of the circumstances of your kidnapping case, your lawyer will work to get your charges reduced or dropped. If you try to fight a kidnapping charge alone, you may face the maximum penalty. This can mean long jail time, large fines, restitution, and more. Additionally, a felony kidnapping conviction can prevent you from finding employment or even having normal relationships with your loved ones. It can also prevent you from being able to see your children in the future. With the right lawyer on your side, you can often avoid this fate and get back to living your life.

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