Conspiracy is generally defined as a crime in which two or more people agree to something that is against the law. However, you don’t have to know you are agreeing to something illegal to be charged with a conspiracy. In fact, conspiracy charges are often leveled against people who were completely unaware of any “plot.” If you are being charged with conspiracy in the state of Minnesota, you need an experienced defense attorney to help you build your case.

Understanding Conspiracy Charges

In many cases, individuals charged with conspiracy have no idea they were involved in anything illegal. These individuals may have gained something from the conspiracy without even knowing about it. To be charged with conspiracy, you don’t need to be aware of a plot or even agree to help execute any type of illegal activity. A conspiracy charge can be leveled against any party involved in any aspect of the plan.

A crime does not have to occur in order for a conspiracy to take place. Even in cases where a criminal act was merely planned, you can still be charged with conspiracy. You don’t even have to agree to do something illegal. If you enter into any agreement that results in some type of crime being committed, then you can be held accountable. Regardless of whether or not you are directly involved in any crime, you can still face the maximum charges.

Conspiracy Defense Lawyer

As soon as you know about a conspiracy charge, you need to contact a qualified defense attorney. Whether you have been arrested, or if there is an investigation against you, a lawyer needs to be involved to help build your case. Conspiracy is a serious crime that is often tacked on to other charges. The consequences can be devastating, including long jail time, or heavy fines. A conviction will result in a permanent mark on your record, and potentially affect your ability to land the job you want down the road.

Your defense attorney can help build your case and get your charges reduced, or removed. Even if you are guilty of conspiracy, the right defense will help reduce your jail time and/or fines. Without a conspiracy lawyer on your side, you may find yourself facing the harshest penalties possible. A conspiracy charge is not something you should try to handle alone.

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