A drug charge can have serious consequences that will affect the rest of your life. The penalties for a drug conviction range from long prison time to hefty fines. Additionally, there are long-lasting effects of a drug conviction that can stay with you forever. If you are facing any type of drug charges in the state of Minnesota, you need a qualified defense attorney on your side.

Understanding Drug Charges

In the state of Minnesota, there is a wide range of drug charges, so it can be confusing trying to sort out exactly what you are facing. The penalties you will face depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The nature of the substance (such as the type of drug);
  • The quantity of the substance;
  • The usage of the substances (such as selling, manufacturing, or using); or
  • Past history of drug offenses.

If you are caught using, selling, manufacturing, or possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia, you can be charged with a crime. Understanding your drug charge isn’t always easy. For example, there are five different degrees of controlled substance charges. There are also separate charges related to methamphetamines, and simulated controlled substances. In some cases, it isn’t always clear what separates one charge from another.

A drug charge doesn’t always mean imprisonment. In Minnesota, there are special drug courts that are designed to handle cases involving non-violent drug offenders. Rather than issuing traditional punishments, these courts may issue alternative sentences that include rehabilitation time. However, getting such a sentence often requires having an experienced lawyer on your side.

Drug Charges Lawyer

The moment you are arrested for any type of drug-related offense, it’s important to contact a qualified attorney. Your drug offense lawyer can help get your charges reduced or even dropped. Without a lawyer, you may face serious jail time and fines. With the right attorney on your side, you might find your sentence reduced dramatically or eliminated completely.

Building your case against a drug charge is important not only to avoid the immediate penalties but also so you can get back to your daily life. With a drug conviction, you may struggle to find employment. This can lead to poverty, and even homelessness. A drug conviction can also damage your social standing, or your personal relationships. Having an experienced lawyer will help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

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