Selling, or distributing, drugs in the state of Minnesota is a very serious crime. If you are facing a drug sale or distribution charge in Minnesota, you need an experienced defense attorney to help build your case.

Understanding Drug Sale Charges

If you are caught selling drugs, or even suspected of dealing, you will most likely face felony charges. In many cases, a drug sale charge will be accompanied by a drug possession charge. When either of these charges is present, you can face long jail time, and very heavy fines.

The exact penalty you will be faced with if convicted depends on the circumstances behind the charges. The most commonly considered circumstances include:

  • The type of substance you are charge with selling;
  • The volume or quantity of substance in your possession;
  • Any prior history of drug-related charges; and/or
  • Your location at the time of a suspected sale (such as nearby a playground or school).

There are many other things that can affect your charges, including the age of the individuals you are suspected of selling to. Drug sale charges are almost always treated as felonies, and a conviction can result in jail time of up to 30 years and fines over $1 million. This is true whether you are charged with selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, or even prescription drugs. Every drug sale charge should be taken incredibly seriously because of the strict penalties and long-term effects it can have on your employment and personal life.

In some cases, you may be charged with selling or dealing drugs even if you didn’t actually commit the crime. For example, even if you intend to sell drugs but never actually do it, you can face felony drug sale charges. Even the least serious drug charges can still cost you thousands of dollars and up to five years in prison.

Drug Distribution Lawyer

The moment you are aware of any drug sales or distribution charges, you need to contact a qualified defense lawyer. Without a lawyer, you may be subject to the maximum penalties, and suffer the consequences for the rest of your life. However, with an experienced drug distribution attorney on your side, you may be able to get your charges reduced or be able to avoid charges altogether.

Your drug sales lawyer will help build your case so that you face lesser penalties or none at all. In many cases, you may avoid jail time or fines in favor of a rehabilitation punishment. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to go back to living a normal life without having a drug conviction haunt you forever.

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