Credit card fraud is a serious charge that typically stems from the unauthorized use of a credit card to obtain money, goods, or services. There can be many different circumstances behind a charge of credit card fraud, and it’s important to understand exactly what the charges are. If you are facing credit card fraud charges in the state of Minnesota, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side.

Understanding Credit Card Fraud Charges

In most cases, credit card fraud is the result of unauthorized usage of a credit card in order to make a monetary, or property, gain. For example, using another person’s credit card without their knowledge, or permission, to buy something for yourself is a type of credit card fraud. You can also be charged with credit card fraud if you lie to a credit card company in order to get out of paying for an item, or otherwise misuse your credit account for your own personal gain.

Credit card fraud can have serious implications. The punishment for credit card fraud conviction will vary based on several factors:

  • The type of fraud committed;
  • The value of the goods, services, or property obtained through the act of fraud; and
  • The past criminal history of the defrauder.

Less severe cases of credit card fraud might be charged as misdemeanors. In these cases, the defrauder may get up to a year of jail time, and pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in fines.

The most severe credit card fraud charges are charged as felonies, which can result in jail time of ten to twenty years, along with tens of thousands of dollars in fines. On some occasions, depending on the severity of the fraud committed, a defrauder may face even longer jail time or even harsher fines.

Credit Card Fraud Defense Lawyer

A credit card fraud conviction doesn’t end when the jail time is over and the fines are paid. A conviction can follow you for life, and have serious implications on your financial future. You may be unable to apply for or obtain credit, which can leave you unable to purchase a home or a car. It’s essential to have an experienced defense lawyer on your side to help you in your battle against credit card fraud charges. A qualified lawyer can help reduce your charges and ensure your penalty is minimized.

If you have been falsely accused of credit card fraud, having a lawyer on your side is often the difference between going to jail and being acquitted. As soon as you learn of credit card fraud charges, it is essential to get a lawyer to start building your case.

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