You might think that signing someone else’s name is a harmless act. However, an act of forgery can lead to serious consequences. If you are up against forgery charges in Minnesota, you need an experienced defense attorney by your side.

Understanding Forgery Charges

Depending on the circumstances, forgery can be treated as a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony. Felony forgery charges are the most common in Minnesota. The level of charge you face in a forgery case will often be dependent on the value of the forged document, or the amount of damage caused by your act of forgery. In most cases, forgery is committed when someone is trying to make a financial gain.

The most common act of forgery is signing someone else’s name. There are many reasons why an individual might try to forge a name on a document. Some examples include:

  • Gaining access to someone else’s property or money;
  • Falsifying a document to gain a financial advantage;
  • Using another individual’s legal documents for personal gain; or
  • Using someone else’s signature in order to increase the value of property (such as forging an autograph)

While most people think of forgery only as the act of copying someone else’s signature by hand, there are many other ways that forgery can occur, including the use of a seal. You don’t even have to be successful in your act of forgery in order to be charged and convicted. Even if you don’t gain anything from signing someone else’s name, you can be arrested and charged with forgery just for making the attempt.

If you are convicted of forgery, your sentence will typically depend on the value of the forged documents, or the amount of financial gain. For example, if the forged document is valued over $35,000, you can face up to 20 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. Even if the document is only worth $250 or less, you can still face up to a year in prison and fines greater than the value of the attempted forgery.

Forgery Defense Lawyer

It’s important to seek a qualified defense lawyer as soon as you are aware of any forgery charges against you. Your attorney will build your case by gathering the right evidence and helping to get your charges reduced or even dropped.

A forgery conviction can have serious, long-term consequences beyond any prison sentence or fines you have to pay. If you are found guilty of forgery, you may find it difficult to gain anyone’s trust again. You also might have a difficult time finding a job, or getting a loan. Defending yourself against a forgery charge starts with contacting the lawyer who will do what it takes to argue your case.

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