As health care costs continue to rise, many people are looking for any type of relief possible. Sometimes, this need for relief leads to an act of health care fraud. If you are dealing with health care fraud charges in Minnesota, you need a qualified attorney to help.

Understanding Health Care Fraud Charges

Health care fraud is a very serious crime that is typically charged as a felony. A health care fraud charge typically is issued when an individual or an organization cheats or attempts to cheat the government or an insurance company out of money. The penalty is often determined by the value of damages in question.

Health care fraud comes in a variety of forms, and both patients and health care providers can commit it. Some of the most common types of health care fraud in Minnesota are:

  • Intentionally overbilling;
  • Billing for services that weren’t provided;
  • Submitting false claims;
  • Submitting false invoices; and
  • Providing false information regarding patient history

Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid fraud occur quite regularly. These types of fraud can be subject to especially harsh penalties because the government’s money is at stake. Oftentimes, health care fraud investigations will go on for years and be very costly. If you are found guilty, you may be responsible for paying everything back, with interest.

No one is exempt from health care fraud charges. Health care providers in particular are under very close scrutiny when it comes to health care. Doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities can all be charged with health care fraud. In many cases, these charges are leveled against individuals who had no knowledge of any wrongdoing. If convicted, you might find yourself facing large fines, jail time, and even the loss of your license to practice.

Health Care Fraud Defense Lawyer

You can’t afford to face a health care fraud charge by yourself. The minute you are aware of any accusations of health care fraud against you, it’s essential that you call a qualified defense lawyer. Your attorney will help build a case that will allow you to get your charges or penalties reduced. In some cases, your lawyer may even help get your charges dropped completely.

A health care fraud conviction will have a lasting impact on your life. Once convicted, others might find it difficult to trust you. You may struggle to find employment, or your insurance premiums may go up even higher. You might even have a hard time finding a company willing to insure you at all. Luckily, the right lawyer can help you prevent all of these difficult circumstances.

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