Insurance fraud is a common, but serious, crime that can lead to harsh penalties. Although you may not think about it at the time, even a small false insurance claim, or any attempt to defraud an insurance company, can have a dramatic impact on your finances and your future. If you are facing charges of insurance fraud in Minnesota, you need the guidance of an experienced attorney.

Understanding Insurance Fraud Charges

There are many different types of insurance fraud, but the general definition involves making, or attempting to make, a false insurance claim. False insurance claims can be filed by homeowners, car owners, renters, medical patients, and more. Insurance fraud can relate to any type of insurance, including property insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance.

The most common cases of insurance fraud involve individuals filing a false claim with their insurance company in order to recoup some type of loss. For example, you may make a false report about damage to your car or home in order to get the insurance company to pay for those damages.

You can also be charged with insurance fraud if you withhold information or provide falsified information on an insurance application. For example, if you claim to be a nonsmoker on an insurance application in order to qualify for a lower rate, you can face insurance fraud charges.

The level of charges of insurance fraud can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. The exact charge will depend on the type of fraud committed, and the value of property or money at stake. If convicted of insurance fraud, you can face up to 20 years in prison, and thousands of dollars in fines. You may also have to pay restitution to the insurance company. As you can imagine, your insurance premiums will likely skyrocket if you are convicted of fraud.

One of the most serious types of insurance fraud occurs when an individual commits an act of arson in an attempt to collect insurance. This will result in a felony charge that is subject to the maximum penalties.

Insurance Fraud Defense Lawyer

As soon as you are aware of an insurance fraud charge against you, it’s important to consult with a qualified defense lawyer. Your lawyer can help defend you, so that you won’t face the maximum penalties. It’s even possible that your insurance fraud lawyer will help you avoid charges or fines completely.

Any charge of fraud is very serious, and can lead to long jail time and steep fines. A conviction can also cause people not to trust you anymore, or make it difficult for you to secure employment – or even get insurance.

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