Mail fraud is a serious crime that is often charged at the federal level, and can lead to a very harsh punishment. If you face mail fraud charges in Minnesota, you need the help an experienced defense attorney who is capable of handling a federal case.

Understanding Mail Fraud Charges

Mail fraud occurs when an individual, or group, uses the United States Postal Service, or any other interstate mail or parcel carrier, in an attempt to defraud others out of money, goods, or services. A mail fraud conviction can result in a long prison sentence, as well as large fines and restitution. The level of punishment will often be determined by:

  • The number of victims defrauded
  • The total value of money, goods, and services involved

In some of the most extreme cases, a mail fraud conviction can lead to a prison sentence of 10 years, and fines up to $100,000. Even in cases where only one victim was defrauded of a small amount of money, you can face a year in prison, and fines over $10,000.

Mail fraud encompasses many different types of fraudulent activity that can take place via an interstate mail carrier. Credit card fraud is one of the most common types of mail fraud. Any attempt to solicit information from others, in an attempt to make financial gains, can also result in mail fraud.

Additionally, you can be charged with mail fraud simply by sending fraudulent documents through the mail. For example, filing a falsified tax statement through the mail can result in federal mail fraud charges. If charged with federal mail fraud, you will be up against very serious consequences.

Mail Fraud Defense Lawyer

If you are a suspect in a mail fraud case, you need a qualified defense lawyer on your side. Since mail fraud is often charged as a federal crime, your lawyer should have experience in federal court. Your mail fraud defense lawyer will help build your case so your charges will be reduced or even dropped.

Without a qualified lawyer on your side, you may be subject to the maximum penalties. This can haunt you long after you serve your prison sentence, and pay your fine. A felony mail fraud conviction can lead to a lack of trust among your peers, and even prevent you from obtaining employment in the future. Rather than battling a mail fraud charge alone, you should seek immediate counsel from a lawyer.

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