Wire fraud is a very serious crime that is typically charged at the federal level. A conviction can have a drastic impact on your future. If you are facing wire fraud charges in the state of Minnesota, you need an experienced attorney who can handle your case in federal court.

Understanding Wire Fraud Charges

Wire fraud typically involves the use of telephone, internet, radio, or television to conduct a scheme that defrauds victims of money. For a crime to be classified as wire fraud, there must be proof that you used some type of communication device in order to deceive people out of money or property.

The boom in mobile phone usage and the internet has led to more and more acts of wire fraud. Any act of luring individuals to invest money in a fraudulent scheme, including pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes, can be charged as wire fraud. In today’s world, many of these crimes occur through the use of email, social media, and even text messages.

As a federal offense, wire fraud is typically charged as a felony, leading to very harsh penalties. The punishment for a wire fraud conviction will depend on the amount of money defrauded, and the number of victims involved. In the most serious cases, a conviction can result in 20 years in prison, and fines up to $100,000.

There is often a fine line between wire fraud and other types of fraud. In many cases, the prosecution will investigate aggressively and pursue the maximum penalty for an act of fraud. With the help of a lawyer, you can often have your charges reduced – or even dropped.

Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer

Any fraud related charges require the help of an experienced attorney. Without a qualified attorney on your side, you may face a more serious sentence. A wire fraud conviction can lead to financial ruin well after you have paid any fines and served your prison sentence. You may find it impossible to get a good job, or buy a house or a car.

Luckily, a good defense lawyer can help you overcome your charges, so you can get back on your feet and live a normal life. It’s important to seek the assistance of a lawyer as soon as you are aware of any fraud charges against you. The sooner you have a lawyer on your side, the sooner you begin to coordinate a defense.

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