When your license is suspended, revoked, or cancelled, it can be difficult to get around. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you have to drive with a cancelled license. However, doing so is a crime that can lead to significant consequences. If you are facing driving after cancellation charges in Minnesota, you need a qualified defense attorney to help clear your record.

Understanding Driving After Cancellation Charges

In Minnesota, driving after cancellation is one type of common crime that is more generally referred to as driving without a valid license. Driving after cancellation (DAC) is the most serious of the driving without a valid license charges. This charge is typically leveled as driving after cancellation as inimical to public safety (DAC-IPS).

The state of Minnesota will typically cancel a license when there is a reason to believe a driver poses a risk to public safety. A license can be cancelled for a variety of reasons, including:

  •  A DUI or DWI;
  • Repeated driving offenses; and/or
  • Reckless driving.

When your license is cancelled, it is a crime to operate a motor vehicle. Doing so places you at risk of facing fines and jail time.

A DAC-IPS ticket is charged as a gross misdemeanor in the state of Minnesota. This means that a conviction can result in fines up to $3,000, and a year in jail. It also can result in your license being cancelled for a longer period of time – or even indefinitely. This inability to legally drive can have an impact on your ability to get around, and place severe limitations on employment opportunities.

Driving After Cancellation Lawyer

If your license has been cancelled, then you need a lawyer on your side. Whether you have been formally charged with driving after cancellation or not, an experienced defense attorney can help you get your license back. The moment you are pulled over for driving without a license, you should contact a lawyer for help.

A charge of driving after cancellation is serious, and can impact your ability to drive again. Hiring a defense lawyer for your case can help you protect your driving privileges so you can function in society according to your needs. Your attorney will build your case to get your charges reduced, or even dropped. With a lawyer on your side, you will be behind the wheel of a car again much sooner.

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