Indecent exposure may seem like a small crime, but it can have a serious impact on your life. Even a prank, or seemingly harmless act like streaking or flashing, can lead to serious charges. If you are facing indecent exposure charges in Minnesota, you need a qualified attorney on your side.

Understanding Indecent Exposure Charges

Many people who are charged with indecent exposure had no intention of hurting anyone. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t face serious charges, or harsh punishments. An act of indecent exposure can be charged as a misdemeanor, or a felony. In some cases, it may even qualify as a sex crime. The main factors considered when leveling indecent exposure charges are:

  • The intent of the exposure;
  • The location of the exposure;
  • The presence of any minors at the time of the exposure; and
  • Whether or not this is a repeated offense

In many cases, indecent exposure is the result of someone who is trying to have fun, or just isn’t aware of the laws. If you get caught streaking or flashing, for example, you may think you were just playing a joke, or having a good time. However, this still qualifies as a crime. If there were minors present when you exposed yourself, you can be charged with a felony sex crime -regardless of your intentions.

A misdemeanor indecent exposure conviction can lead to 90 days in jail, and fines up to $700. If there is a minor present, you can face up to a year of jail time and a $3,000 fine. If it is a repeat offense, your penalty can increase to a $10,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

If the intent of the exposure is suspected to be devious, then you can face even greater charges. There is often a fine line between the different possible charges, so it’s important to seek counsel from a qualified attorney.

Indecent Exposure Defense Lawyer

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your indecent exposure charge, you need a lawyer to help you build your case. Without a lawyer, you may face maximum penalties, and even end up on a sex offender list. Your lawyer will help gather the necessary evidence to prove your innocence, or help you get a reduced charge.

An indecent exposure conviction can have a lasting impact on your life. Although it may seem harmless and even fun at the time, when you are arrested for indecent exposure, you need to treat the situation very seriously. By contacting a qualified attorney, you can help avoid the damaging long-term effects of a conviction.

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