Anytime you interfere with any sort of police, legal, or government proceeding, you can be charged with obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is a serious crime that can lead to harsh penalties. If you are facing charges related to obstruction of justice in Minnesota, a qualified attorney can help you.

Understanding Obstruction of Justice Charges

In the state of Minnesota, obstruction of justice takes on many different forms. You can be charged with obstruction of justice if you interfere with any of the following:

  • Any police activity;
  • State or federal investigations; or
  • Regulatory or government agencies.

Obstruction of justice includes any of the following criminal activity:

  • Escaping from arrest or police custody;
  • Helping someone else escape police custody;
  • Fleeing a police officer;
  • Notifying an individual of a pending police investigation with the intent  or interfering with the investigation in any way;
  • Tampering with any witness, either through harm or influence; or
  • Tampering with evidence, including interfering with a crime scene in any way.

The law is worded to protect all legal proceedings, and punish those who try to interrupt them in any way. According to Minnesota law, obstruction of justice can be charged as a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or a felony. A felony charge will typically occur when there is a risk of bodily harm or death present. If convicted of felony obstruction of justice, you can face up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000. Even a lesser charge can result in a year in prison and a fine of $3,000.

The exact penalty you will face depends on:

  • The type of investigation obstructed;
  • The risk of harm or death because of the obstruction; and
  • Your past criminal record.

Obstruction of Justice Defense Lawyer

The moment you are aware of an obstruction of justice charge, you need to get a defense lawyer involved. Your lawyer will immediately help build a defense that can get your charges reduced or even dropped. With the right lawyer, you can have your punishment drastically reduced, or you can avoid a conviction completely.

The legal system is aggressive when it comes to people who have interfered with the law. If you don’t have an experienced attorney on your side, you may be subject to serious consequences. An obstruction of justice conviction can have lasting effects that go well beyond any prison term or fine. You may have difficulty finding employment, or even getting your friends, or family, to trust you. The sooner you consult with a defense attorney, the better chance you will have of defeating your charges.

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