Driving is a privilege, and the state has the right to take away that privilege if you don’t obey the laws. Many drivers have lost this privilege due to drinking and driving. Fortunately, Minnesota’s B-Card program gives you the ability to get back on the right track – and back on the road. If you have lost your license in Minnesota, then a B-Card may be the right solution for you.

Understanding B-Cards

In Minnesota, a B-Card is a form of restricted driver’s license that allows you to drive again after your license has been cancelled due to repeated DWIs or DUIs. In many cases, an individual will lose his or her driver’s license after being convicted of a third impaired driving violation. However, the B-Card is not necessarily an easy road to follow to get back behind the wheel.

In order to qualify for a B-Card, you must complete a treatment and rehabilitation program. These programs require proof of total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Once your B-Card is issued, you must continue to abstain from alcohol and drugs, even when you aren’t driving. Any usage of alcohol, whether it involves a vehicle or not, will result in the cancellation of your B-Card. In order to regain your B-Card after a violation, you will have to go through a minimum period of rehabilitation as follows:

  • One year for the first rehabilitation;
  • Three years for the second rehabilitation; and
  • Six years for the third or subsequent rehabilitation.

If you violate your “no alcohol” restriction, you will not be charged with a crime unless the violation occurred while you were operating a motor vehicle. If you were driving at the time of the violation, you will be charged with a gross misdemeanor.

In 2012, Minnesota amended the B-Card law to allow an individual to remove the alcohol restriction after going ten years without a violation. This period of abstinence must be documented.

B-Card Lawyer

After losing your license, you may not know where you can turn. With a lawyer on your side, you may be able to qualify for a B-Card that can get you back on the road so you can return to a normal life. Getting a B-Card is a multistep process that is best done with the guidance of an attorney. Without a lawyer, you run a greater risk of not following the proper procedure, leaving you unable to get your license back. Your lawyer will make sure the process goes smoothly so you can get behind the wheel and enjoy life again.

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