Driving while intoxicated is always serious, but sometimes there are circumstances surrounding the case that make it even worse. Depending on the details involved, a DWI charge could even become a felony. If you are facing felony DWI charges in Minnesota, you need an experienced and qualified defense attorney on your side.

Understanding Felony DWI Charges

Minnesota law is strict when it comes to drunk driving. The DWI laws outline very specific examples of an offense, including several aggravating factors that can make charges more serious. However, when it comes to felony DWI charges, the only thing that really matters is your past.

In the state of Minnesota, a DWI can become a felony if there is a repeated pattern of criminal behavior. The two most notable causes for a felony DWI are:

  •  Having three or more prior impaired driving convictions within the past ten years; and
  • Having previously been convicted of a felony DWI crime.

If convicted of a felony DWI, you can face imprisonment of up to seven years, and fines of up to $14,000. In some cases, the penalties can be even harsher depending upon your prior criminal history. When convicted of a felony DWI, you may also be required to go through a chemical dependency treatment program.

After being serving a felony DWI sentence, you will typically be placed on a conditional release that will require you to comply with strict conditions regarding your everyday habits. Any violation of this probation can lead to further jail time, and the continued loss of your driving privileges. Additionally, you may be required to use an ignition lock device, or vow total abstinence from alcohol in order to drive again.

The effects of a felony DWI conviction can be long-lasting, and will have an impact on your entire life. Fortunately, you don’t have to face charges alone.

Felony DWI Defense Lawyer

A felony DWI conviction will have a serious impact on the rest of your life. You may find yourself unable to find employment, or even get around on your own. That’s why it’s essential to contact a qualified defense lawyer as soon as you are aware of any possible felony DWI charge against you. This is especially true if you have any prior DWI convictions. Your lawyer will immediately put together a strategy that may mean the difference between a long prison sentence, and having your charges reduced or dropped.

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