Minnesota’s DWI laws are strict, and can lead to the loss of normal driving privileges. In the event that your license plates are impounded, you may be required to get whiskey plates before you can drive again. If you have been convicted of a DWI and have lost your license plates in Minnesota, you need an experienced attorney on your side – to get you back behind the wheel.

Understanding Whiskey Plates

If you have two more DWI convictions within a ten-year period, law enforcement can order for your license plates to be impounded. This prevents an obvious transportation problem, since you need license plates to get around. To let you get back behind the wheel, Minnesota has a special license plate, often referred to as a whiskey plate. These special plates have a “W” in front of the license number, making it obvious to everyone that you have been convicted of multiple DWIs.

There are many disadvantages to having whiskey plates on your car. For starters, they cost more money than standard license plates. They also make it clear to all your neighbors, coworkers, and friends that you have been convicted of impaired driving. Worst of all, they give police officers constant reason to suspect you are up to no good.

Once you get whiskey plates, you are required to keep them for one year beyond your next renewal period. You may end up having whiskey plates on your car for almost two years. If you have multiple vehicles in your household, you must get whiskey plates for all vehicles that you drive, including any off-road vehicles. This is expensive, inconvenient, and embarrassing. Fortunately, you may not have to stand by and let it happen to you.

Whiskey Plates Defense Lawyer

Although whiskey plates may sound like a compromise so you can get back behind the wheel, they certainly aren’t an ideal situation. Having that “W” at the beginning of your license plate makes you a moving target for law enforcement. Minnesota law essentially allows a police officer to pull you over for any reason if you have whiskey plates. This can lead to even more trouble for you down the road.

With a defense lawyer on your side, you may be able to get your normal license plates back quickly. Settling for whiskey plates is often not in your best interests. Your defense lawyer can challenge your license plate impoundment and help you prevent the stigma of having whiskey plates on your vehicle.

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