Our lawyers are privileged to represent those who wish to adopt a child. It’s exciting, emotional and very serious. We’ve handled adoption cases throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.

In order to adopt in Minnesota, the petitioning parties must have resided within the state for at least one year. Adoption actions are filed in the juvenile court of the county in which the petitioners reside. Once a petition for adoption is filed, a home study and background check are conducted. That process often takes several months and involves social workers and other professionals outside the court system.

In some cases, the biological and adoptive parents will opt for an open adoption. The law permits all involved to contract for various forms of contact between the biological parent and the adoptive family after the adoption is finalized.

Once matters are approved by social services, a hearing will be scheduled before the judge assigned to the case. Friends and family are welcome to attend. Most judicial officers make the final hearing a joyous event, with lots of photo opportunities and congratulations.

Landmark Adoption Case

Our adoption attorneys represented four individuals in Minnesota’s first four-parent adoption. The case received significant media attention and has paved the way for other non-traditional families to establish a parent/child relationship.

other types of adoption

Step Parent Adoption

A step-parent adoption in Minnesota involves four steps: (1) termination of the biological parent’s parental rights; (2) petitioning the court for adoption; (3) background work conducted by social services; and (4) the final hearing. The process typically takes about six months to complete.

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Grandparent Adoption

In adoption cases, the State of Minnesota seeks to place a child with adoptive parents who will best meet the needs of that child. Oftentimes, grandparents are the ideal people to provide the best home for a child. Unfortunately, this does not always mean the road to grandparent adoption is an easy one. In fact, grandparents are not guaranteed adoption rights over other individuals.

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