Many grandparents can provide a loving, suitable environment to raise their grandchildren. However, the process of grandparent adoption can be challenging – and is never guaranteed. If you are pursuing a grandparent adoption, you need the assistance of Brown Law’s qualified grandchild adoption attorneys in Minnesota.

Understanding Grandparent Adoption

In adoption cases, the state of Minnesota seeks to place a child with adoptive parents who will best meet the needs of that child. Oftentimes, grandparents are the ideal people to provide the best home for a child. Unfortunately, this does not always mean the road to grandparent adoption is an easy one. In fact, grandparents are not guaranteed adoption rights over other individuals.

Although the court typically favors adoption by family members, there can be many obstacles to grandparent adoption. There have been cases where the judge has decided to place children in the care of foster parents, or friends, rather than with grandparents. This can be especially difficult for grandparents, because it can result in a lessened relationship with the grandchildren.

Factors Considered

Factors the court may consider when considering grandparent adoption include:

  • The ability of the grandparents to provide financially for the children;
  • The ability of the grandparents to provide physically for the children;
  • The health of the grandparents;
  • The location of the grandparents;
  • The relationship the grandparents currently have with the child; and
  • Any other significant relationships the child has with potential adoptive parents.

State law typically requires the court to consider any relatives over other adoptive parents, including important friends, or other persons with a significant relationship with the child. However, this does not mean the judge is required to side with grandparents – or any other relatives. Ultimately, the court will select the adoptive parents that it deems will best fill the parental needs of the child.

No matter what your reasons for seeking adoption privileges, you will want assistance from our experienced grandchild adoption attorneys in Minnesota. Your lawyer can make the process quicker, and easier, for everyone involved. Without a lawyer, it may be difficult to show the court that grandparent adoption is in the best interests of the child. The process may also take longer, and have a greater impact on the children involved.

Adoption Involving Four Grandparents

Our adoption lawyers represented four grandparents in Minnesota’s first adoption involving a quad-parenting arrangement. Lexi’s case has provided a foundation for others across the state to petition for adoptions involving more than two parents.

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