Although the divorce process can be painful for nearly everyone involved, this isn’t always the case. In a collaborative divorce, the litigants agree to quickly go through the divorce process in order to reach terms that are acceptable to both sides. Our collaborative divorce lawyers in Minnesota work with both parties to ensure that the sides come to an agreement that works in favor of everyone.

The focus of a collaborative divorce is on minimizing conflict and creating a situation that benefits everyone involved. Instead of each individual fighting to get what he or she wants, the two sides take an amicable approach in handling everything, including custody, child support, and alimony.

How A Collaborative Divorce in Minnesota Works

A collaborative divorce can only begin when the involved parties sign a participation agreement. This agreement states that the individuals will:

  • Discuss financial information with complete honesty;
  • Proceed openly about all matters throughout the divorce; and
  • Give their respective attorneys the ability to use the agreement as the basis for the ultimate decisions by the court.

If the couple does not reach an agreement, then the attorneys must withdraw from the proceedings. At this point, the couple would most likely need to approach the divorce on a contested basis instead.

Why Consider Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce in Minnesota offers many advantages over the more traditional approach to divorce. Some of those advantages include:

  • A collaborative divorce generally reaches a resolution much faster than a traditional divorce;
  • A collaborative divorce is typically less expensive than a traditional divorce; and
  • A collaborative divorce helps protect any children involved by helping the couple to avoid the hostility and conflict that often occurs during traditional divorce litigation.

Couples involved in a collaborative divorce often reach a much more desirable settlement than they would have in traditional litigation. By avoiding formal court proceedings, the individuals involved have much more freedom to reach an agreement that will benefit them. Typically, a collaborative divorce is customized for the involved parties, therefore allowing settlements that line up as close as possible with what everyone wants.

In collaborative divorce, all of the decisions regarding custody, property division, child support, and other important issues are ultimately made by you, your spouse, and your trusted collaborative divorce attorneys in Minnesota – instead of a stranger in a black robe.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

A collaborative divorce is not the right answer for every couple. If you aren’t sure if a collaborative divorce is right for you, here are some things to consider:

  • Are there children involved?
  • Do you feel that you can reach an amicable agreement with the other party?
  • Are you interested in working together through the process?

If the answer to all three of the above questions is “yes,” then a collaborative divorce is most likely the right path to take. Even if you aren’t able to say “yes” to everything, you might still consider a collaborative divorce under Minnesota law.

The best way to know if it is right for you is to contact an attorney. Our firm’s collaborative divorce lawyers in Minnesota offer a confidential case evaluation. We can help you determine the best action for you and your spouse to take. Call (763) 323-6555 for a consultation.