If you are going through a divorce, our Sherburne County divorce lawyers are here to help you. We understand that divorce can be difficult and has a major impact on everyone involved. Our attorneys work hard to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. We work with you to find cost-effective ways to resolve your disputes. If litigation becomes necessary, we will be ready to take the case to trial for you.

Our attorneys have been assisting clients in Sherburne County on all divorce and family law issues for over ten years. We are very familiar with the Sherburne County court system, and we will make sure that you become as knowledgeable and comfortable as possible during the process. Our lawyers understand how difficult divorce can be, so we want to be sure you have a partner to help you through everything.

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Sherburne County Court System

All divorce proceedings in Sherburne County are handled at Sherburne County Government Center, located at 13880 Business Center Drive in Elk River. The department can be reached at (763) 765-4600 during business hours – from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Whether your spouse shocked the family by admitting to an affair, or you and your wife of twenty years decided to part ways on friendly terms after the children left for school, your life has changed abruptly. You need insight, resources and support to deal with the challenges.

Our experienced Minnesota divorce attorneys can help you navigate the family court system and protect your rights. We handle many related issues, including child custody and support, property division, spousal maintenance and domestic abuse.

As a service, we’ve collected the following catalogue of local Sherburne County divorce resources to assist with your research.

Residency Requirements

Divorcing couples must meet Minnesota residency requirements. Per state statutes, one party must be a resident of Minnesota for a period of not less than 180 days prior to filing for dissolution of marriage.

Domestic Abuse and Violence

Rivers of Hope aims to “provide services and resources to all victims of family violence, and to empower them to endorse positive changes for themselves and their children. [They] strive to engage with victims in a respectful approach that honors who they are as individuals and advocate for the victims’ choices and rights.” Call 763-295-3433 for help now.

Domestic Shelters – This free service works to “make finding the right shelter and information about domestic violence easier. Instead of searching the Internet, it is all right here. We’ve painstakingly verified information on shelters in LA to shelters in NY, and every domestic violence program in between.” Their hotline is 763-765-4000.

Parenting Resources

In most cases, ideally, you want to resolve battles over child custody and support outside of the court system using an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approach, like mediation. A qualified Sherburne County divorce attorney can help you fight for fair custody and child support solutions.

Bear in mind that Minnesota’s statutes require all parents to attend parenting classes prior to finalizing their divorces. The classes approved by the Sherburne County court system include Parenting Apart, which meets locally. Call 763.241.3524, or visit www.728communityed.com for more information. These classes focus on the following themes: “the legal process; paternity and custody; child support and financial assistance; conflict resolution; personal safety; intimacy and relationships; grief; impact on children; development of parenting plan; community resources.” They meet at The Handke Center, 1170 Main Street, Elk River, MN 55330.

Also, consider reviewing the free booklet: A Parental Guide to Making Child-Focused Parenting Time Decisions.

The County also provides Children’s Mental Health resources for children with severe emotional disturbances that may have been created or worsened by the separation. Per the website: “Mental health matters at every stage of life and requires an integrated continuum of services ranging from prevention to recovery. Sherburne County is committed to creating consistent quality, access and accountability for these services through comprehensive diagnostic assessments and evidence-based treatments that consider children’s characteristics, circumstances and culture.”

Experienced Sherburne County Divorce Attorneys

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