A legal separation in Minnesota is an alternative to divorce. Instead of agreeing to terminate your marriage, you are agreeing to live separate lives.

Reasons for Separation

There are several reasons why you may choose to have a legal separation rather than a divorce.

Many couples will choose to go through a legal separation as a trial period, to see if they should get divorced. A legal separation often turns into a divorce – or it can actually turn around a marriage. You may find that after living apart from one another that you are actually happier together.

Others consider a legal separation for religious, or moral, reasons. Marriage is “till death do us part” and some take that obligation extremely seriously. Separating can be seen as the lesser of two evils, when a marriage is simply not working.

There are other benefits to seeking a legal separation, such as continuing to have medical insurance.

Issues in a Legal Separation

The proceedings for legal separation are similar to divorce. You will still want assistance from an experienced team of legal separation lawyers in Minnesota to help divide your assets, arrange for parenting time schedules (if you are a parent), and determine how much, if any, spousal maintenance is appropriate.

However, unlike a divorce, with a legal separation the marriage remains intact. You are married, without the rights and responsibility that comes with a marriage. If you are legally separated, you will most likely live separate lives, with separate bank accounts. You may even have separate partners, but you cannot remarry – unless the marriage is dissolved.

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