If custody is in dispute between you and your spouse, it may be important to have a custody evaluation take place as part of your case. A custody evaluation involves the appointment or agreement for someone to serve in an evaluative capacity. These folks are qualified, typically mental health professionals, who will spend two to three months poking, and prodding, and trying to understand the facts of your situation.

They utilize those best interest factors that I addressed in another video segment, to render a final report that offers a suggestion to the court about what they feel is in the best interest of the children. What we do find is about 95 percent of the time, the court will adopt the recommendations of that custody evaluator.

So, when we work with you, and you’re going through a custody evaluation, we want to meet and sit down, and really talk about how to treat that evaluator, what to share with them, how to prepare for the various visits they’re going to make to your home, and how to talk with others about talking with that evaluator.

 Because the evaluator’s going to speak not only with you, but also your friends, and your neighbors, and your relatives, and perhaps co-workers. Those that you feel are appropriate for that individual to hear and understand your side of things, your story, and to understand, really, what’s in the best interest of your children.