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Adoption gives parents the ability to expand their family, and provide loving support to non-biological children. However, it can also be rather difficult on the birth parents - and even the children involved. The adoption process is often complex, and can take a long time. If you are seeking to adopt, or trying to protect your rights as a birth parent or stepparent, you should consult with one of our experienced adoption lawyers in Minnesota.

Understanding Adoption

Adoption is a legal process that transfers all parental rights and responsibilities to a non-biological parent. There are many reasons why people may seek to adopt, and there are many issues that may complicate the process.

Some of the more common reasons parents invoke adoption include:

  • A couple is unable to have a biological child;
  • A same-sex couple wants to have children;
  • A stepparent wants to exercise parental rights over a spouse's children; or
  • Foster parents, or relatives, want to become legal parents of a child

Regardless of the circumstance behind your adoption, there are many issues that can complicate the process, including:

  • International, or interstate, adoptions;
  • The adoption of special-needs children; and
  • Open adoptions (where the birth parents retain certain rights) 

Additionally, non-traditional adoptions involving same-sex couples, unmarried couples, or a single person may require some extra steps. While the rules for traditional families have become less strict in recent years, these adoptions still may have unforeseen obstacles to overcome. 

No matter what your involvement is in an adoption proceeding, it's important to seek help from a qualified adoption lawyer. Our Minnesota adoption attorneys will protect your interests, and improve your chances of building (or keeping) the family you want. Whether you are the parent seeking adoption, or the biological parent, a good lawyer will help make sure you are represented appropriately in all proceedings.

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