Minnesota Child Support Calculation

Divorce can be especially challenging when child support is involved. While both parents want to protect their income, it's important to make sure the children have the proper financial means available to them. No matter which side of a child support calculation you're on, our Minnesota child support calculation services can help you understand the best options for everyone.

Understanding Minnesota Child Support Calculation

Child support is a court-ordered payment that allows for suitable financial support of a child. The state of Minnesota calculates child support carefully in order to make sure a parent has the proper resources necessary to raise a child in a loving home. The purpose of child support is to ensure a child will be able to receive care that is at least equal to the level of care prior to a divorce.

In order to calculate how much child support is needed, the court will look at three types of support payments: 

  • Basic support, including payments for housing, good, clothing, transportation, and education;
  • Medical support, including health and dental insurance; and
  • Child care support, including the costs of day care 

There are many factors that affect Minnesota child support calculation and the exact amount awarded, including:

  • The total gross (pre-tax) monthly income of each parent;
  • The number of children living in each parent's home;
  • Any other child support paid by either parent;
  • Any alimony or spousal support paid by either parent;
  • The amount of any disability or retirement benefits paid to a child; and
  • The amount of parenting time awarded to each parent

While all of these factors play an important role in deciding the final child support calculation, there is room for deviation from the support guidelines in some cases. It is ultimately up to the court decide how much child support will be ordered. 

If you have questions about calculating child support, our renowned Minnesota child support calculation services will provide the answers you need. There are many complex factors that go into calculating child support. With a lawyer on your side, you can make sure your children will have the right amount of financial support. Without a lawyer, you may find yourself paying too much, or not receiving enough.

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