How to Protect Yourself in a Divorce

The first thing you should do when you are contemplating a divorce is to speak to a reputable divorce attorney about your options (as though you were expecting us to say differently). You don’t want to rush into anything that may end up damaging your case, or that may result in dire financial consequences down the line. 

Financial Protection

If you are wondering how to protect your assets in a divorce, the first step is to start living separately on paper – which means closing joint credit cards, and setting up your own bank account. You may wish to deposit some joint money into your new bank account, but understand that, at some point, the transfer will be accounted for.

Status Quo, if Possible

If there are children involved, the general rule is that you should not give your spouse full custody of the kids – if this is something you want in the future. If your spouse moves out, then don’t let him, or her, take the kids too. You have the right to refuse.

If you desire custody, you will likely want to stay with your children, in the marital home, even if this means putting up with your spouse as a co-habitant. That way, you will not be seen as abandoning the children. The best argument to make in court often involves suggesting that the judge “maintain the status quo.”

Data Privacy

You may want to set up your own phone number, and email, if you do not have one already. Many couples share an email address, as well as a cell phone. Sensitive communication will remain confidential if you have your own account.


If you are wondering how to protect yourself in a divorce, we recommend taking the time to start a journal. Even if you have never been much of a writer, you should keep track of the events, such as any altercations, arguments and parenting hiccups. Anything that involves the impending divorce and impacts your relationship should be noted.

Best to have a specific source to turn to, if you need it, in the future. Your testimony will be much more credible to suggest that something happened on a specific date and time, rather than a general assertion that it happened “a while back.”

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