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While the vast majority of the cases we handle (about 95%) are settled favorably before trial, it is sometimes necessary to take the matter up with the judge. A Brown Law divorce trial attorney in Minnesota feels at home in the courtroom, having tried divorce and family law cases throughout the Twin Cities. We’ve earned a reputation for success; opposing lawyers know that we are not afraid to try cases.

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Nature of Trials

In Minnesota, divorce and family law cases are tried to the judge, not a jury. Each party is allotted sufficient time to present his/her case, through testimony and exhibits. Some cases, such as a divorce with basic financial issues, can be tried in less than one day. Other, more complex matters, such as a custody dispute, can take over one week to present to the court.

Trial Experience

A Brown Law divorce trial lawyer in Minnesota has successfully tried a wide range of family law matters, including cases with the following issues:

Learn more about our trial practice through our case experience page, blog, podcasts and online video library. Or, read what our former clients have to say about our work in the courtroom.

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