Probate is a multistage process during which an estate is evaluated, divided, and settled. According to Minnesota state law, it is the responsibility of the court-appointed personal representative to carry out and close an estate during the probate process. Probate must be conducted in compliance with Minnesota statutes, and it typically goes through the following nine steps:

  1. Opening Probate
  2. Asset Collection
  3. Record Keeping
  4. Creditor Claims
  5. Property Valuation
  6. Tax Payments
  7. Final Accounting
  8. Property Distribution
  9. Closing Probate

Each part of the probate process is an important step towards settling an estate. You can learn more about each stage of probate by clicking the links above, or by contacting our attorneys.

The personal representative is responsible for overseeing the closing of the estate within a timely fashion. If you are a personal representative of an estate, it is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced probate attorney.

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