Once the property of an estate has been distributed appropriately, the personal representative is ready to complete the final step in the probate process. In the state of Minnesota, this final step is referred to simply as “closing” probate.

Oftentimes, closing probate is as simple as filing a statement with the court. Provided that everything has been done correctly and the accounts are in order, the court will typically approve the request to close probate rather quickly. Once probate is closed, the estate is essentially considered settled.

In cases where an informal closing can occur, the personal representative’s appointment is terminated exactly one year after the petition to close probate is filed. This period of time allows the representative to continue to act in whatever capacity may be necessary to close the estate.

However, not every probate case is as simple as filing paperwork to close. In some cases, there may be a formal court procedure required to close probate. This can include a court hearing in which a judge will review the actions the personal representative has taken during the probate process. Once the hearing is completed, the personal representative is immediately released of his or her duties, and the estate is considered closed.

Consultation with a qualified attorney is always a good idea before closing probate. This is especially true in formal cases, where a hearing is required.

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