The probate process can sometimes be long and exhausting, especially when the courts are involved. However, there are options available to speed up the process and close the estate sooner. Summary Administration is one option available for a faster probate. If you are looking to speed up the probate process in Minnesota, then Summary Administration may be the answer for you. Our probate attorneys are here to help you understand your options.

What is Summary Administration?

In the state of Minnesota, Summary Administration is an option available to help speed up the process of closing an estate when court supervision is no longer necessary. In order to qualify for summary administration, the person administering the estate must file a request with the court. In most cases, this request cannot be filed unless the estate of the deceased has been open for six months. There are many other restrictions that apply when it comes to summary administration, so it is important to consult with a qualified attorney before proceeding.

Summary Administration can be granted with or without a Will. However, there are many circumstances under which summary administration is not available to close an estate. Typically, Minnesota statutes only allow summary administration in the event of a smaller estate that does not have specific complications. In order to qualify for summary administration, an estate must:

  • Be valued under the threshold established by the state of Minnesota;
  • Be exempt from the claims of any creditors; and
  • Have no outstanding debts or other open claims

Other restrictions may apply to any specific estate. When summary administration is available, the process of closing the estate is typically much faster. Many estates take between 12 and 18 months to close. Summary administration can significantly reduce that time frame. When no creditors need to make claims, a lengthy administration period is often not necessary.

Consulting with an attorney is an important first step in determining whether to proceed through a summary administration.

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